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From corporate, to healthcare, to office and residential settings, The Contemporary Dayton has the artwork and the experience to work with your space and budget to find the art that suits you. Our full-service approach to consultation, sales and installation of local art is what makes ArtSource stand apart.

Why ArtSource?



We know the community.

We work with over 300 local and regional artists–from those who have exhibited all over the world to those fresh out of art school. We keep up with who’s doing what, what’s available, and what works for you–from lobby-sized sculpture or commanding abstracts to intimate groupings of black and white photography.


We have the expertise.

We’ve been providing art for the community and a community of artists since 1991. That’s thousands of artists and hundreds of exhibitions. Our staff has a combined 36+ years of experience doing this.


 We keep it affordable.

We handle each project from start to finish, keeping personal interaction at a premium and costs low. Delivery and installation are available for every project and artists receive a direct percentage for each and every work we place.

ArtSource In Action

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