The Softness of a Little Arm Nestling Around My Neck Still Lingers, 2018, Courtesy of the Artist

Coming Spring 2021

This spring, we are thrilled to present the work of Oakwood resident, Mychaelyn Michalec’s embroidered “drawings” and deeply textured tufted rug “paintings.”

In an ironic evolution of sensibilities, the primary ideas in Michalec’s work concern themselves with that which nearly stopped her practice almost ten years ago: the commonplace aspects of domestic life and raising children. Realizing both the poetry and utter relatability of the images culled from her days, she has turned the things that seemingly marginalized her from her art practice into a prolific vocabulary.

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As a mother and an artist, Michalec resides between conflicting worlds: artist and mother. In reaction, she now creates images that mirror this tension by illustrating moments of simultaneous disconnection and connection, choosing to focus on how those choices shape our lives, often depicting people in a shared space preoccupied by different things.

Using her phone’s camera, Michalec covertly photographs her family at home while they are preoccupied with their phones, laptops, or gaming devices; the very technologies Michalec uses to document their lives. She couples these images with often awkward “selfies” taken during routine household chores and other repetitive tasks.

In Michalec’s reckoning, our relationship to technology has become inseparable from our relationship to the world. Just as many of our personal relationships have become mediated through electronic devices, so too has our relationship with the materials of art-making. To emphasize the uneasy feeling that we’re sharing only the simulacra of real connection, Michalec translates photographs into drawings, small embroidered works, paintings, and tufted rugs.

Michalec’s love of needlework has led her to use the tools and materials of domesticity to assert the validity of “women’s work.” In fiber arts, the identity of the maker is coded in the work not only by the choice of materials and subject but also the long histories of the processes by which the work is created. In this practice, Michalec participates in this trajectory through a process of rug tufting and subject matter of contemporary domesticity, combining issues of feminine aesthetics, craft, and cultural value. The tactile aspect of rug making turns an image into an object that can be touched and interacted with; an object that comes with domestic and therefore gendered associations. To emphasize this interest in the use of line and color, Michalec chooses to use an industrial tufting gun to electrically inject yarn through canvas, accelerating the traditional process while also hand-tufting to vary the texture and pile. The works, often stunningly scaled, are then stretched and installed in the tradition of paintings, positioning them in the realms of both domestic craft and fine art.

Michalec is originally from northeast Ohio and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, a Bachelor of Art in Art History from Ohio State University, and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Mychaelyn Michalec
Photo from Artist’s Facebook page

Mychaelyn Michalec
Photo from Artist’s Facebook page

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Virtual Viewing Room
A curated digital portal to learn more about the artist, her work, and her place in contemporary art today; featuring virtual interviews and a tour of the artist’s studio.

Exhibition Brochure
A full-color publication with an interview with the artist by Curator, Michael Goodson; exhibition checklist; artist biography, and annotations of additional resources.

Ohio Curators Breakfast
Date TBD
An on-site and virtual opportunity for our 75+ Ohio museum and gallery curator partners to learn about the exhibition, it’s potential to tour to partner venues, and meet the curator.

Press Preview
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Meet the Artist: An Interview with Curator Michael Goodson & Mychaelyn Michalec
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Sponsor & Collector Preview
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Friends & Family Open House
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