Interior/Exterior Naming Opportunities

You can leave a lasting legacy and join the evolution by pledging your support. Individuals, families, businesses, and corporations can name various features of our new space in their names or in honor of someone special in their lives. Each opportunity will afford donors or those they choose to recognize, with and engraved commemorative plaque, prominent recognition for years to come as a visible part of The Contemporary Dayton.

Open Office/Meeting Space
Naming Opportunity Available: $25,000 (1 qty)
This is where the work gets done. From planning our exhibition schedule to hosting curatorial teams this Open Office and Meeting Space is where people connect and programs are created.

Custom Reception Hub by Artist Shon Walters
$35,000 (1 qty)
In a space that celebrates art, our permanent fixtures must combine form and function. Our interior design includes custom furniture pieces, works of art in themselves. This custom reception desk by artist Shon Walters draws the public in while serving as the command post for our space. Walters will be using Ash Trees that were fallen at Sinclair Park during the 2019 Dayton tornados.

Commissioned & Hand-Lettered, Permanent Poem by Sierra Leone
$10,000 (1qty)
This commissioned and hand-lettered Poem by Artist and Poet Sierra Leone communicates our commitment to from its permanent place on the wall of our gallery.

$10,000 (1 of 2 qty)
For those who love and do art, these two key areas, where art is loaded and exhibitions are stored and assembled before meeting their public, are critical, if oft-forgotten, space.

Video Gallery Projection Equipment
$10,000 (2 qty)
The Co’s new Video Gallery will feature film and video by the widest variety of artists and will be equipped with top-of-the-line projection and surround sound. Audio and video capabilities are all built-in.

Custom Gallery Seating
$2,500 (6 qty)
These six custom, Herman Miller inspired benches, will be placed throughout our galleries offering respite for contemplation and conversation.

Video Gallery Seating
$1,000 (10 qty)
The Co’s new Video Gallery will be equipped with custom accessible, comfortable, and flexible gallery seating for a variety of viewing and interactive experiences.

All donors of $1,000 and above will be listed on our prominently displayed permanent donor wall.

Plans and Other Naming Opportunities

extended programs

We are inviting YOU to join the evolution!

With your partnership, we can move in and activate The Co at the Arcade beginning in January 2021.

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