2020 Online Art Auction & Benefit

We are thrilled to announce, through your support, our 2020 Art Auction & Benefit was a success. Through your support of the 2020 Art Auction & Benefit we raised $50,744 to support exhibitions and programs. Thank YOU!

Through your support, we also were able to make this year’s fundraiser a benefit for two very special organizations that share our belief in the interconnectedness of art and our challenging world today–The RubiGirls Scholarship Fund for LGBTQ Students and Straight Allies and the YWCA Dayton’s Stand Against Racism Campaign 2020–who will share 10% of our proceeds.


Art Pick-Up, Delivery and Shipping

Pick-up is available September 1–11 during gallery hours which are currently Tues–Fri, 9:30am-4 p.m. If those times are not convenient to you, please reply to this email and we will arrange another time or delivery to you. For those of you that live farther away or out-of-state, we will contact you separately to make shipping arrangements.


Lastly, if you enjoyed this fundraising event, consider becoming a member and supporting The Co year-round; and to learn more, sign-up for our monthly eblast.


List of Participating Artists

David Ackels

Erin Holscher Almazan

Almost Normal Design

Guustie Alvarado

Pat Antonick

Nicholaus Arnold

Stephanie Beiser

Julie Beyer

Bridgette Bogle

Michele BonDurant

Alexandria Boulden

David Brand

Arlene Branick

Matthew Burgy

Virginia Burroughs

Bruce Campbell

Connie Campbell

Rosalie Campbell

Michelle Carr

J.D. Claffey

Glen Clark

Virgil Clark

Dan Cleary

Bob Coates

Jon Daugherty

Lori Daugherty

Regina Dixon

Amy Dolan

Rachel Dominguez-Benner

Mark Echtner

Mike Elsass

John Emery

Douglas Fiely

Tracy Foskuhl

Bill Franz

Mark Freytag

Katie Clark Gabbard

Tom Girard

Jennifer Glance

Erin Smith-Glenn

Lloyd Greene

Michael “Ace” Gummer

Linda Hart

Debbie Hicks

Mikee Huber

Kate Huser Santucci

Kelly Ingerson

Greg Alan Jankowski

Glenna Jennings

Zac Johnston

Jeffrey Cortland Jones

Heather Jones

Calvin C. Jones Jr.

Katherine Kadish

Cydnie King

Mary Baker Koch

Annie Kolk

Paul Laage

Joyce Berry Lagedrost

Dan Landis

David Leach

Tony Lee

Joyce Lucht

Richard Malgorski

Edy Martin

Brian Mathus

Barb McBee

Jessica McBounds

  1. Pat McClelland

Jim McCullough

Margie McCullough

Doug McLarty

Carol McNeeley

Kevin McNeeley

Mychaelyn Michalec

Lee Monnin

Maureen O’Keefe

Jaime Pacheco

Marilynn Page

Christina Pereyma

Linda Phillips

Sandra Picciano-Brand

Marsha Monroe Pippenger

Judd Plattenburg

David Riel

Ron Rollins

Francis Schanberger

Jennifer Shonle

Ashley Simons

Jay Snively

Andy Snow

Bruce Soifer

Andrea Starkey

Barb Stork

Jamie Trusty

JoAnne Vincent

Jon Vincent

Sandra Wall

Terry Welker

Joel Whitaker

Sean Wilkinson

Don Williams

2020 Online Art Auction & Benefit Host Committee

Dirk Kreutzer, Chair

Beth Adelman

Jessica Bott

Dan & Barb Claudepierre

Beth DeVilbiss

Dave & Heather Hime

Jon & Jo Anne Vincent


2020 Online Art Auction & Benefit Press Release
2020 Online Art Auction & Benefit Sponsors



 Square One Salon and Spa

 Element Utility Services

 Zig Zag Gallery

 Coolidge Wall

 Houser Asphalt & Concrete

 Heidelberg Distributing



 Dr. Robert L. Brandt, Jr.

 Sinclair Community College

 Betsy Whitney

 Alan & Carolyn Hirsh Lindy

 Miller Valentine



 Stephanie Slowinski & Paul Benson

 Jim & Sandra Wall

 Lou & Steve Mason

 Mark Brewer & Kevin Tunstall

 Michael Allen


Grand Patron:

 Dirk Kreutzer & Todd Kepler

 Anne Johnson

 Linda Caron

 Richard Stover & Tawnya Darlington

 Don & Shari Rethman

 Eileen & Richard Carr

 Stephanie Keinath

 Eleni Preto

 Eva Buttacavoli & Patrick Martin


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