Art Auction PREVIEW

April 20-29

Dayton Visual Arts Center

Preview the 12 selections for the Live Auction, Eva’s 8 Artists-to-Watch & the 2016 Collectors Collection.
Jane Dippold, The Evening Says Hello, 2015, mixed media, 30 x 30 in.

Eva’s 2016 Artists-to-Watch:

David Ackels

Like a post-punk color-field pixelator, Dave Ackels creates paintings filled with etch-a-sketch geometrics, frenzied color swatches and his signature enigmatic grinning bear. Painted on found glass he encases in wooden window frames, the works feel like a fresh take of where 1970s street art left off. Ackel’s mounting skills in pictorial structure, spatial illusion, and color relationships propel his street art style to the next level.  

David was born outside Boston, MA, and received a BFA in Motion Picture Production from Wright State University. He started out documenting friends for skateboard videos, shooting and editing them to create final productions released on VHS tapes and went on to work on Academy Award-nominated films. He spent the past 23 years producing films for companies such as Oakley Sunglasses and Element Skateboards while also making and exhibiting drawings and paintings across the region. He is a two-time recipient of the Miami Valley Artist Fellowship and in 2012 was awarded the FilmDayton Innovation Award. He lives and works in Dayton and is the creative vision behind Absorb Skateboards.

Michelle BonDurant

A renewed practicing artist for just 6 years, Michele BonDurant’s just took a giant leap forward from her plein air beginnings. Her new tape and cut paper works are the result of a highly saturated color and structured composition interrupted by a house, window, or structure in nature. She starts with direct observation going to a specific site to paint and then distills unnecessary information and finds what is essential.

Michelle was born in Youngstown, OH and received her BFA from Wright State University, graduating magna cum laude. She studied under Lois Dodd, Elizabeth O’Reilly, Jean Koeller and Jennifer Rosengarten and has exhibited work in several national juried shows, including most recently at Prince Street Gallery, NY; juried by Graham Nickson, Dean of the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture; as well as throughout SW Ohio. She lives in Dayton.

Julie Clark

Julie Clark was born and raised in Dayton. Primarily self-taught through what she says of “years of problem-solving experience, random workshops and surrounding herself with fellow potters.” In 1979 she and her husband purchased and renovated historic Bear’s Mill in Greenville, Ohio and she subsequently served as manager and curator through 2014. She continues to exhibit at the Gallery Space at Bear’s Mill and is co-founder of Millrace Potters Collective.

Dennie Eagleson

Dennie Eagleson is currently an organic farmer and makes photographic work using materials from  her land as source.  She has been experimenting with outdated Polaroid film in handmade Pinhole cameras, making camera-less images through photograms, and using outdated darkroom paper in contact with plant materials exposed in direct sun, a process called lumen printing.  

Dennie  was born in Ohio and currently lives north of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  She received a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in ceramics from Antioch College and an MFA in photography from the University of Cincinnati with an MFA in Photography.  She taught photography at Antioch College from 1989 through 2008 and held a number of artist residencies at the University of Dayton between 2009 and 2012.  She has traveled to Cuba, Nicaragua and Sarajevo to make documentary projects. She has had solo exhibitions at the Dayton Art Institute, Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, and other regional galleries.  She is an active member of DVAC and the Yellow Springs Arts Council and sits on the Transitional Board of the John Bryan Community Pottery.  Dennie most recently served as the Creative Director of the Herndon Gallery at Antioch between 2012-2014.

Tracy Foskuhl

Tracy Foskuhl was born in Born Fayetteville, NC and received a BS in Psychology. She currently serves as the web coordinator at Stivers School for the arts and is on the Board of the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors. She exhibits in shows throughout the area and is currently training with artist Jean Koeller. She lives in Dayton.

Ashley Jonas

Ashley Jonas’ studio practice is a search for moments of wonder and beauty.  By paying attention to the overlooked, monumental discoveries of tenderness, peculiarity and harmony between objects, flowers and the spaces we construct for ourselves are documented, composed and abstracted.  These actions result in playful paintings and improbable sculptures.

Ashley was born in Key West, FL and received an MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She exhibits regionally and nationally, most recently at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia PA and has an upcoming two-person show this July at The Regis West Gallery at The University of Minnesota. She and her husband run Blue House Gallery and Studios, and contemporary art space, in Dayton.

Amy Powell

Amy employs the mechanics of the camera to create both distance and intimacy with her subjects—her family. At fifteen she began documenting challenges she faced at home; the family car being repossessed, cat feces on the living room floor, her parents discussing their impending divorce. Organizing the frame and composing a personal narrative felt genuine and empowered her in situations in which she often felt powerless.

Amy was born in Columbus and received her BFA in photography at Columbus College of Art & Design and MFA from Ohio State University. Her family photographs have been published for TIME Magazine and will be featured in an upcoming article for Huffington Post. She lives in Dayton.  

Andrea Starkey

Andrea Starkey’s work is inspired by both nature and the natural materials used in its creation. Her work illustrates the interplay of both atmospheric conditions of light and the technique of traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking, Moku Hanga.
Andrea Starkey was born in Indianapolis, IN. She is a professional architectural illustrator and graphic designer. Since beginning printmaking in 2009, her work has garnered many awards in juried shows including Best of Show Awards at the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors Annual Print Show (3) and Dayton Area Works on Paper, and has been shown in solo shows at Glenn Helen Atrium Gallery, Bears Mill and Yellow Springs Brewery. She has prints in the public collections of both the Wright State University Foundation and the City of Kettering as well as in private collections around the world. 

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